Welcome to the Champaign Social Interaction Laboratory at the Psychology Department of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. In the CSI lab we study the emotional dynamics of social interactions. Our research combines cutting-edge psychophysiological methods with controlled laboratory experiments and ethological observations. For more information, take a look at the interests of the people in our lab and our recent published papers. We are also looking for new researchers (both at the undergraduate and graduate levels) to join us in the study of social interactions. The CSI lab is under the direction of Dr. Michael W. Kraus, Assistant Professor of Psychology.

The CSI lab currently engages in the broad study of cognition and emotion during social interactions. Within this broad area of interest is a commitment to a number of specific research projects that are supervised by Michael and the rest of the CSI research team. Click HERE to learn more!

News from the CSI Lab

Fall 2014

Crossing class boundaries is a major challenge for individuals looking to move up the economic ladder. Read Michael's New York Times Op-ed!
Congratulations to lab members Pete Ondish and Erika Salomon for winning the student travel award competition for the 2015 Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Convention in Long Beach, CA!
Michael will be speaking about signaling social class and crossing class boundaries at a conference on social class and the great recession, sponsored by Princeton University.To learn more, click here!

Summer 2014

At the Academy of Management meeting in August, CSI lab graduate student Bennett Callaghan and Michael will be speaking about their research on social class and pro-social behavior.To learn more, click here!
This May, Michael and CSI lab graduate student Noam Segal will be speaking about their research on empathic accuracy at the 26th annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science. To learn more, click here!

Spring 2014

Rachel Heller, a project coordinator in the CSI lab, was awarded the prestigious Harry Triandis Award for her outstanding contributions to social psychology research as an undergraduate. Congratulations Rachel!
Economic inequality in America is at an all time high. In an opinion piece for livescience, Michael argues that economic inequality is not just a social or political issue, it's also a psychological issue. To find out why, click here!
CSI lab graduate student Bennett Callaghan was awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations Bennett!
CSI lab research on the tendency for pre-fight smiles to predict reduced dominance in professional mixed martial arts matches was featured on Fox Sports. Read the article here!
Several CSI lab graduate students have started a weekly writing workshop to boost their writing productivity! Go Team!
According to recent CSI lab research, people at the top of the social class hierarchy, including members of the US Congress, justify and maintain economic inequality in society. Read the article here!
CSI lab research examining the causes and consequences of believing that social class is a biologically determined category was featured in Slate. Read the article here!